CM Roach & Co Ltd Notice on COVID-2019 issued 16th March 2020

C.M Roach & Co Ltd are taking the global spread of Coronavirus seriously and are  committed to protecting the health of our employees, customers and suppliers. We have been contingency planning for some time to ensure our factory production can continue with the minimum of disruption during the current outbreak of Covid 19 and as any spread of the virus intensifies we will continue to monitor the situation, but are now taking the following steps to minimise the risk of disruption and to protect the wellbeing of our staff.

Will all suppliers and customers note that we are taking the following action effective from midnight tonight, the 16th March 2020:

Factory Visitors

  • The only visitors that are allowed on site from now on are those that are required specifically for the operation of the factory. This includes for necessary Engineering works, as well as any specific hygiene related activities. Additional hand wash requirements will be introduced immediately.
  • No other visitors including staff and directors from customers or suppliers or any other trading partners will be allowed on site unless it is for a specific and essential purpose to ensure continued operation of the business. In these instances clear protocols will be agreed and followed with additional health screening of all visitors completed.

Please note these visitor restrictions apply to all Offices and storage facilities as well as the factory.

  • Specific arrangements will need to be made for any factory audits although these will be deferred unless they are absolutely essential. Additional protocols have been introduced and where visits are accepted as essential to the ongoing business the requirements will be issued prior to the visit.
  • Deliveries and collections:

1. If it is likely that any of delivery drivers will be coming into contact with our employees, please ensure they follow necessary hand washing advice and sanitise regularly whilst on site.

2. Refrain from touching anything that is not your own.

3. If our staff need to touch items that your delivery drivers are handing over, please ensure you take extra pre-cautions such as sanitising items if possible.

Please note only essential tools and bags necessary for completion of repairs will be allowed into the factory and controls of mobile phones will be enforced.

We wish to continue to keep in close contact with our suppliers and customers as always we can be reached by the telephone or email and are in the process of setting up the electronic communications such as conference calling or skype. If required our staff will use Facetime or Whats Ap video phone apps if appropriate.

Please keep up to date with the Government advice which is currently changing daily. Find out more