CM Roach’s response to seaspiracy

There is no doubt that the new Netflix docu-drama ‘Seaspiracy’ has grabbed the imagination and hearts of millions around the world with its often shocking, and shaming, depiction of the seafood industry. Whilst it is, unfortunately, true that some of the issues portrayed are in urgent need of improvement, the film studiously avoids mentioning all the good work that is being undertaken around the world by governments, NGOs and indeed the industry itself. This includes fishermen, producers, retailers and suppliers. This work is being undertaken to improve fisheries and to make our oceans more sustainable, whilst ensuring that the lives of the millions who depend on seafood for both nutrition and livelihoods is maintained.In the UK CM Roach & Co Ltd has grown into one of the most respected suppliers of seafood to the foodservice sector by focusing our attention on RESPONSIBLY sourced seafood.

Over the years, CM Roach & Co Ltd have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Seafood we supply is responsibly sourced. This means that it either comes from third-party certified farms or fisheries, or, if this is not possible, from well documented fisheries that are fully traceable from boat to plate.

Seafish, the industry body that supports the seafood sector in the UK, has published a good blog dispelling many of the myths portrayed by the film. Please read this by clicking on the link Responding to Seaspiracy: 10 reasons to feel good about seafood in the UK. CM Roach & Co are proud to be involved with a number of initiatives to improve the industry including working with the Seafood Ethics Action Alliance which is endeavouring to improve the life of fishermen around the world and to end the evil practices described in the film.